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Person Centered Assessment Tool


What is the HARMONY Scale?

The HARMONY Scale is a quick and easy tool that helps you understand why and what people are thinking and feeling AND helps you create the best strategy to make things better.

  • Why do I feel the way I do?
  • Why am I having difficulty now?
  • How do I get this meeting/situation/occasion back on track?
  • What is missing in this team/relationship/group?
  • What is blocking our passion/drive/motivation?
  • What is causing frustration and confusion
  • What things are going badly?
  • What things are going well?

The HARMONY Scale can provide insight into the human element in just a few minutes and without reams of paperwork or complicated tasks to complete.

A comprehensive assessment can also produce:

  • Strategies for resolving problems
  • Strategies for utilizing positive elements

The HARMONY Scale can be used to assess an individual, a relationship, a group or an organization. It can also be used to assess an occasion, an event, a meeting, a gathering, or even a conference.

Put simply, if there are people involved, the HARMONY Scale can get behind the misunderstandings; the blocks, barriers and resistance; and the frustration that can lead to repeating the same mistake or the same unsuccessful strategy.


Click Here For The HARMONY Scale Form



Complete the questionnaire (about 5-10 mins)
Receive a first pass 1-2 page assessment (allow up to 7 days)

All assessments are done personally –
The HARMONY Scale is not a machine based assessment

Samples of completed HARMONY Scale and Free Assessment

Small Company Sample   |   Large Company Sample    |   Individual Sample


How does the HARMONY Scale work?

The Scale is based on the harmony principle described in psychological and complexity literature. Put simply, harmony is the state you want to discover that flows in the space between rigidity and chaos. It is not a fixed state or a turbulent state. It is a flowing state.

  • Excess rigidity – things waste away, energy dissipates, you give up – you lose.
  • Excess chaos - things breaks apart, shatter, burn up, burn out – you lose

Harmony is achieved by responding to rigidity and chaos. When things...



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